Monday, September 12, 2016

Ultrawide Monitor VS Regular Monitor

The advancing technology has been so vast today that it provides innovation in gadgetry for us to work more effective and efficient. Advancement in smartphones is something that we frequently hear; the operation system, the camera pixels and so on. But rarely we hear about innovation in monitors.

This time is not a boring monitor for your personal computer, but also works for television or even watching movies. We are going to talk about ultrawide monitor as an advancement in graphic world. This monitor claims to have 21:9 ratio with choices of pixels and sizes in inches (29 to 34 inch).

How Good Is it Compared to Regular Monitor?

Technically speaking, ultrawide monitor brings many fantastic features that maybe you cannot get from regular monitor. Basically, this monitor is longer than that of regular monitor with 4:3 or 16:9 ratio. But is that all the privileges?

Hold on, we still have some to entertain your graphic freak side. With faster refresh rates, better resolution and less cables you need, it is a good choice to buy one. You can work and watch videos just in the same time, thanks to the width of the monitor.

Regular monitor may give the similar resolution and color gamut, but in order to get wider angled and seamless views, you have to put two or even three monitors on your desk. No wonder this will be a waste of money. You may get a wider views by arranging the two sides in a curve, but you have to admit it, you cannot avoid the gap between each monitors.

Go for Ultrawide Monitor or Stick to Regular Monitor?

To answer the question above, first you have to consider what you really going to do with your monitors. Wide screens are perfect for multitasking; opening some or many tabs at once. Thus, it would make your photo editing more efficient.

However, if you really into games, maybe you do not have to buy this immediately. This is because some games are not meant to be played in monitor with 21:9 aspect ratio. You can still play it on ultrawides, but maybe the graphic would not be satisfying enough. So, what is your choice now?